Georges Mathieu

Paintings that speak of a lifetime: Georges Mathieu

The journey of George Mathieu started in the city of Osaka in September of 1957. His art skills were appreciated by many people. Georges Mathieu used paintbrushes with some energy. It quickly amazed most people. He knelt and used his…

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Why use an online art gallery?

Artists can use an online art gallery to advertise their works. This start-up is a new way to open an exhibition to show the public the different paintings created by a painter. Digital art galleries can be used to organize…

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What is the particularity of Claude Weisbuch’s line?

Victor Hugo said: “in art there are no borders”. Indeed, art comes out of the imagination of the artist in question. It is the fusion between the real world and the imaginary world of the artist according to his vision…

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What do the clowns in Bernard’s buffet have in common?

Bernard Buffet’s clowns have marked a whole generation of artists by their dark, flat and cold aspect. They were painted at a time when France was recovering from the Second World War. If each portrait is different, they have in…

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How to discover the works of Bernard Buffet today?

Art, as a means of communication, makes it possible to resolve inter-individual or intrapersonal conflicts. Bernard Buffet, a 20th century painter, tried to express himself through his paintings. However, his masterpieces have been scattered all over the world since his…

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How to discover new emerging artists?

Art is never static, on the contrary, it is in perpetual evolution. The artists contribute through their creations to write its history. It is in this measure that it is also advisable to carry a glance on the works of…

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