How to discover new emerging artists?

Art is never static, on the contrary, it is in perpetual evolution. The artists contribute through their creations to write its history. It is in this measure that it is also advisable to carry a glance on the works of the emergent artists. There are many ways to discover them.

Discover emerging artists on the Internet

The Internet is a simple and accessible way to access an unlimited amount of information. In the art world, the web has a number of platforms that present news, artists, and their programs. The public can find exhibition dates in art galleries, see a preview of the works of each emerging artist, and sometimes even request an expertise or sell collections. This is the case of some sites like This is a site created by a passionate gallery owner who takes care to select the major works of the great masters such as Bernard Buffet, Dufy, Cocteau, and many others. For art lovers and collectors, it is a godsend to find an online art gallery offering locations and exhibition dates that allow them to access works of art. Apart from gallery websites, you should also know that many emerging artists are present online, through social networks or other types of platforms. Having an internet connection offers the possibility to discover new artistic talents.

Emerging artists at exhibitions

An emerging artist is one who is just starting his career. This does not mean that they are uninteresting. On the contrary, sometimes these artists are more productive and interesting at the beginning of their practice. To see them, they often participate in group shows or exhibit in public places. So, sometimes you have to go to this type of event to discover them. That said, an art gallery can also showcase the work of an emerging artist. And there are so many contemporary artists that the public should have no trouble coming across contemporary works at cultural events.

Discover the artists at the Art School

Even if not all artists go through an art school, there are still some who sharpen their brushes. Sometimes these schools present the works of their emerging artists, either on the premises of the school or in an art gallery. This is another way to discover new emerging artists. Fine Art Museums and Fine Art Galleries are the most common places to exhibit. However, access is sometimes limited. It is therefore advisable to inquire with the institutions and galleries about the conditions of access.
Paintings that speak of a lifetime: Georges Mathieu
Why use an online art gallery?

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