Can we negotiate the price of a work of art in a gallery?

In order to acquire good quality works of art at reasonable prices, it is best to initiate an effective negotiation procedure. To do so, you have to respect some mandatory conditions. In any case, you should turn to a certified…

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Investing: should you buy art?

Currently, many investors are entering the art world. In order to make considerable profits, they insist on the criteria and elements necessary to know before the investment. How to invest in the purchase of art? How are the works of…

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Arthur Sasse : the photographer who made the famous portrait of Einstein !

Remembering the events of the past has always been a great challenge for humanity. The past edifies people, and gives meaning to their existence. For this reason, various processes have been used to freeze memories: history, painting and photography. Thanks…

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Who is Robert Capa: one of the greatest war photographers?

Like all other sectors, the world of photography has legends who are still talked about to this day. Such is the case for Robert Capa, an American journalist and photographer who stood out for his unseen pictures. Indeed, his feat…

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David LaChapelle: the “pop” photographer who has developed his own style!

David LaChapelle is one of the biggest names in photography, but his work is not limited to portraits as he has directed numerous commercials and music videos. His photographs are in the collections of the National Portrait Gallery in London…

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Why is Mario Testino one of the greatest fashion photographers?

For many fashion fans, Mario Testino is the greatest fashion photographer in the world. Is it a title earned for his many collaborations? Is it something about his photos? Who is this man and how do you explain his career?…

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