How to discover the works of Bernard Buffet today?

Art, as a means of communication, makes it possible to resolve inter-individual or intrapersonal conflicts. Bernard Buffet, a 20th century painter, tried to express himself through his paintings. However, his masterpieces have been scattered all over the world since his death in 1999. Thus, you will visit the places, where the paintings of this contemporary painter are exposed.

Paintings by Bernard B: at the home of the sculptors and drawings by contemporary artists

Considered as an artist of the modern art, it is then very likely to find the works of Bernard Buffet at GalerieEstades. This gallery, located in Toulon, does not only exhibit B. Bernard's paintings, because Michel Estades is a specialist and dealer of many contemporary works. This gallery learns more about history, because it exhibits the original engravings of Bernard Buffet for lithographs (printing). Having a penchant for the latter, the Estades gallery exhibits a large number of his paintings, such as "Le petit chateau rose", "Le chemin de fer", "Le clown au papillon orange", "La chouette", and a multitude of paintings expressing his state of mind. 

Paintings by Bernard B: Vatican Museum - Modern Art Collection

With his long figures, and his sullen colors, Bernard Buffet was able to interpret in painting the Calvary of Christ at Mount Golgotha. These extremely expressive paintings are currently in the Vatican Museum. This museum especially highlights all Christian masterpieces, even the typically modern ones. However, the latter are rather classified in the modern art collection. Moreover, the collection "Passion of the Christ" highlights an innovative technique in terms of painting. This technique consists of using fine points, otherwise known as dry points, and results in a drawing-like effect. However, there are a few copies of the work "Passion of Christ" sold at online auctions, as this work was printed by Lacourière & Frélaut in 140 copies. However, other works such as "The Last Supper" are exhibited in the Vatican Museum.

Paintings of Bernard B: his museum in Surugadai - Japan

Since Bernard Buffet has a museum dedicated to him in Japan. It is therefore normal that the majority of his paintings are located there. Moreover, this museum is erected in his memory by Kiichiro Okano. Currently, Kiichiro's daughter manages this gallery. Many of his paintings, such as "The Great Disturber", his self-portraits, or his postage stamps are displayed there.
Paintings that speak of a lifetime: Georges Mathieu
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