Arthur Sasse : the photographer who made the famous portrait of Einstein !

Remembering the events of the past has always been a great challenge for humanity. The past edifies people, and gives meaning to their existence. For this reason, various processes have been used to freeze memories: history, painting and photography. Thanks to the industrial revolutions of the 19th century, photography was able to rise to the level of artistic production. It will link two historically unforgettable men Arthur Sasse and Einstein.

Arthur Sasse, a lucky photographer?

Arthur Sasse is an American photographer of the UPI (United Press Photographer). He was born on July 30, 1908, and died in November 1975. He is responsible for many photographic masterpieces, the most famous of which is the one of Einstein sticking out his tongue. This image was taken after the 72nd birthday celebration of the greatest genius of the 20th century at the exit of the Princeton Club. Arthur Sasse asked him to give one last big smile before leaving. Einstein, in response, stuck out his tongue. This unprecedented event was immortalized. The other journalists missed this funny expression of the Nobel Prize of physics.

Arthur Sasse and Einstein, when photography links men

The photograph of Einstein sticking his tongue out reveals a funny side of this genius. It is an image showing a side of madness of this university professor. Against any idealized and angelic representation of the physicist, the photograph reveals a very human aspect of his personality. Arthur Sasse and Einstein met on the evening of March 14, 1951. The physicist appreciated the work, so much so that he asked for nine prints of this picture. One of them was signed to the author.

The future of Arthur Sasse and Einstein's photography

Einstein sticking his tongue out has gone viral. The original image of Arthur Sasse and Einstein was sold for $72,300. In 2009, its price increased. It was sold for $74,324. This emblematic photo will make the Nobel Prize in Physics enter popular culture. Indeed, it reveals the non-conformist personality of the physicist. It arouses both intrigue and public admiration for Einstein. She also made the Einsteinian worldview understandable. In his book "How do I see the world? ", the physicist shows himself as a peace activist. A humanity deeply affected by the war expressed itself. Arthur Sasse's work provides the public with clear evidence of his humanity.
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