Invitation to a figurative vernissage

Art Gallery - Invited to a vernissage?

Attend a private exhibition of artworks by a contemporary author.

Expressionist artist

An art gallery specialized in the works of Bernard BUFFET

If you like Bernard Buffet, you can find many of his works by visiting the Galerie Estades catalog. By contacting the Michel Estades Gallery, you can also see other great masters exhibited in this virtual museum. Some of the French expressionist artist’s works are available on demand. If you own an original work of art by Buffet, you can try to have it authenticated.

You need the certificate of authenticity if you want to sell your masterpiece on the net. If the work is authenticated, you will be able to get the best price.

If you go to the Estades gallery, you will be able to buy and sell a Bernard Buffet painting legally: lithographs, drawings, watercolors, oil on canvas… More about art on

Unique and original works of art

Selection of original
contemporary artworks

Surrealism, the polymorphic art

  • Postures and impostures
  • Polymorphic conception
  • Anti-conformist,…

Urban art: Street art and graffiti

  • Mosaic
  • Stencils
  • Graffiti

Lithographs and engravings

  • Original prints
  • Original etchings
  • Original lithographs

Offer inspiration

Offer a work of art, an
unforgettable gift!

To find the perfect piece of art to give as a gift, whether it is a painting, a photograph or a sculpture, you have many options to choose from to decorate your home. The search for the perfect piece of art can be done by browsing online art galleries. More on

Famous works

Artists who have marked the history of art

Some works have marked the course of Western painting history by proposing innovative and controversial works, marking their revolution or their magnificence. These include Flemish, Italian, Egyptian and Parisian art.

Expressionist painters

Édouard Munch, Otto Dix, Max Bachmann, Erich Heckel, Emil Nolde, Paul Klee, Max Pechstein, Egon Schiele...

Contemporary sculptors

Auguste Rodin, Nicky de Saint Phalle, Alberto Glacometti, Jeff Koons, Louise Bourgeois, Jean Tingue, Pablo Picasso...

Great figurative masters

Among the great masters of figurative sculpture are Marcel Damboise, Raymond Martin, Jean Carton...

Famous portrait painters

Some self-portraits are paintings recognized throughout the world. This is the case of Mona Lisa and Marie-Antoinette with a rose.

Digital art

Museum of digital arts in virtual reality

Digital art provides new generations with an exhibition space to popularize art by accessing masterpieces through virtual reality. This more immersive, innovative and interactive exhibition offers an unlimited field of experimentation. This new museum space makes access to art easier.

Thanks to the application of virtual reality in the service of culture, digital works can now reach their full potential.

To live a unique immersive experience, know that virtual reality is a technology capable of transcending digital works. This creative environment is an opportunity for artists to present their work.

Art Estimates

Evaluating a work of art...
it's quite an art!

The particularity of artworks is that their price is strongly dictated by the notoriety of the artist. The evaluation of art requires an interpretation of the cultural contribution of the artist according to decorative art, trendy art, emerging art or first-class art.